know us
INSTITUT ARNAUD was founded in 1945 when Dr. Arnaud, a French dermatologist who was also a cosmetics enthusiast, surrounded himself with chemists to develop beauty care products designed for beauty salon professionals in Paris.
Each year, Institut Arnaud, a specialist in beauty salon care for over 65 years, develops and improves innovative products with original, high-performance formulas to respond thoroughly to the needs of your skin and triumph over time.


At Institut Arnaud, the design and manufacturing of beauty care products is strictly supervised.

All new products are designed internally by the Research and Development Service which sets the standards that products must meetEvery Institut Arnaud product is unique and is the focus of special attention for its creation. EFFECTIVENESS

Our goal is to analyze the skin's biological mechanisms and then identify and select the active ingredients with effectiveness which is visible, can be measured and is felt by all.

This is why Institut Arnaud develops very high-level products, all of which are submittedto extremely rigorous scientific tests.

These are not only "self-evaluation" tests; they also include clinical tests supervised by independent dermatologists for perfect objectivity in judging results.

They use instrumental methods for evaluating a decrease in wrinkle depth, an increase in hydration, firmness or a toning effect.


For Institut Arnaud, sensorial pleasure is a prerequisite for all creations.

This conviction was inherited from our profession and our traditions.

A sensual feel, a perception of beauty, velvety textures, captivating fragrances:a perfect alliance of science and pleasure.


Microbiological and organoleptic controls, safety and objectively documented tests: everything is done to ensure that our products are effective, pure and well tolerated.

Our products are made from the best-performing molecules to guarantee optimal and irreproachable quality.

All Institut Arnaud products are manufactured under faultless hygienic conditions and following Best Manufacturing Practices in compliance with European CE regulations.In order to offer products which are perfectly compliant with the latest regulations, Institut Arnaud keeps a regular watch on regulations and belongs to the Federation of Beauty Enterprises, scrupulously following its ethical rules.