Shower Shampoo for Hair and Body

Ref. : 991301
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This two-in-one shower gel gently cleanses hair and body. Its light, minty fragrance leaves you feeling fresh and invigorated all day long.
Creamy gel texture and abundant, airy foam.
Use daily.

  • Goji berry extract: antioxidant, regenerating, anti-aging.
  • Trace elements [Zn, Cu, Mg]: essential nutrients present in tiny amounts; they are indispensable to health and a source of cellular energy.
  • Menthol: soothing and refreshing.
  • Long-lasting moisturizing and protective activators (Cassia angustifolia extract and glycerin): up to three hours after application.

Ideal for men in a hurry who don't want to have to bother with several products, particularly when they travel.
Its thoroughly moisturizing high-end shampoo formula is enriched with a conditioner for softness and protects hair by hydrating and adding softness and flexibility.
For all skin and hair types.

This Shower Shampoo for Hair and Body cleans in one step and leaves a feeling of freshness all day long.
Moisturizing effect: a 28% increase in cutaneous moisturizing was observed. Skin moisture level is improved up to two hours after application; moisturizing effect persists three hours after application.*
*Test carried out on 10 individuals from 18 to 70 with dry skin. Single application before measurements were taken.

Apply this Shower Shampoo for one-step, gentle cleansing of both hair and body. Massage in to encourage absorption of active ingredients, then rinse well.
Use daily.